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How to Avoid Bad Breath When Having Braces

Sadly, bad breath is one of the most common brace effects. It is caused by naturally occurring bacteria within the mouth. The bacterium also causes gum diseases and caries and absorbs food particles in various parts of the body. The bacteria produce the odors that contribute to a bad breath during the feeding cycle. If people wear braces, they are prone to accumulate foodstuffs that become bacteria and contribute to breathlessness. The good news is that people with braces can avoid breathlessness with the following practices.… Continue reading How to Avoid Bad Breath When Having Braces

The Importance of Dental Floss on Dental Braces

Brush and floss are imperative to keep your teeth behind your braces in mint-condition. Brushing is incredibly necessary because it stays stuck between our teeth even after we brush food. This induces plaque accumulation that can only be replaced with the dental floss. What Happens If I Do Not Floss?The effects of not flossing easily… Continue reading The Importance of Dental Floss on Dental Braces

Common Dental Issues with Braces

During the course of orthodontic treatment, some patients struggle with various problems, many of which are entirely avoidable. We encourage our patients to be diligent with proper dental care and routine cleanings. Failure to emphasize consistent healthy dental habits can lead to serious, and sometimes permanent, damage. Demineralization Demineralization is the loss of minerals from… Continue reading Common Dental Issues with Braces

Braces: Do I Really Need Them?

People can benefit from orthodontic treatment at almost any age. Problems like crooked teeth, overbites, underbites, and jaw pain can often be corrected through orthodontics. While there are several treatment options depending on your circumstances, braces are one of the most popular and effective treatments. Esthetics And ConfidenceOftentimes, crowding, spacing, and protrusion make people feel… Continue reading Braces: Do I Really Need Them?

Life After Braces: Maintain Great Smile!

When braces or other orthodontics are first removed, most people feel a sense of freedom and relief. However, it is very important to maintain your oral hygiene routine after the braces have been removed. To maintain your new smile, a lifetime of good, preventative oral care will be required. If you choose not to follow… Continue reading Life After Braces: Maintain Great Smile!