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Braces: Do I Really Need Them?

People can benefit from orthodontic treatment at almost any age. Problems like crooked teeth, overbites, underbites, and jaw pain can often be corrected through orthodontics. While there are several treatment options depending on your circumstances, braces are one of the most popular and effective treatments. Esthetics And ConfidenceOftentimes, crowding, spacing, and protrusion make people feel… Continue reading Braces: Do I Really Need Them?

Keep Your Braces Clean

It is imperative that meticulous oral hygiene be maintained during any orthodontic treatment. Maintaining good oral hygiene during treatment is an important part of wearing braces, but it’s a problem for many patients. With your braces, it is important to spend a little extra time when you brush your teeth. Remember, you must still floss… Continue reading Keep Your Braces Clean