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Can You Get Braces If You Have Missing Teeth?

missing-teethOrthodontic treatment can help patients who are missing teeth and improve the health of their teeth and gums. Braces are recommended for patients with overcrowded or misaligned teeth. For patients who have experienced tooth loss, the missing teeth may actually be what is causing their alignment problems due to the surrounding teeth shifting locations.

If a tooth is missing, the surrounding teeth may cave in or shift out of their proper place and into the empty space. This can cause periodontal, esthetic and even functional problems for the patient. Orthodontic treatment can correct or prevent this from happening. Braces will provide proper alignment, which will allow your dentist to replace the missing teeth in the future, if you choose to do so. Continue reading

Adjusting to Life After Braces

bracesAfter years of treatment, having your braces removed is a rewarding experience for both orthodontist and patient. It was a journey that transformed your smile, while also improving your overall dental health. Here are some tips for getting used to your smile after braces so you can make the adjustment successfully.

Weird Feeling In Mouth
Do not be surprised if your mouth feels incredibly strange after braces. In particular, you will probably notice a difference when you move your lips because they are no longer gliding over your braces. Try moving your lips around so your muscles will start to remember what your smile actually feels like. Continue reading

The Challenges of Metal Braces

metal bracesMetal braces are the most common type for orthodontic patients. Even though metal braces are much smaller, flatter, and more comfortable than in the past they cause many lifestyle changes and challenges, such as difficulties when chewing or speaking. These may affect a person’s self-esteem as well. Metal braces require an orthodontist to place brackets and wires on your teeth to align them. The placement of these brackets and wires can make it difficult to maintain proper oral hygiene. While there are challenges in wearing metal braces, there is no denying their benefits, as well. Continue reading

Self-Ligating Braces or Conventional Braces: Which Treatment is Better?

bracesOrthodontic technology has made many advancements over the past decade. There are many significant differences between self-ligating braces and conventional braces. Overall, self-ligating braces treatment process is far shorter from start to finish than the conventional braces approach.

What Are Self-ligating Braces?
Self-ligating braces are placed much like conventional braces, with the exception of ligature. No elastic or rubber bands or metal ties are present because they are not needed. Instead, special clips or brackets are used to help the arch wire move your teeth into place. The clips allow greater freedom of tooth movement, thereby they might reduce discomfort that is sometimes associated with traditional ligature. A simple adjustment is made to the brackets or clips, which saves time and causes less discomfort during routine visits with your orthodontist. Continue reading