Community Involvement

Supporting and giving back to our community is part of our mission at Fairfield County Orthodontics. Over the years, we have sponsored and donated to various charitable organizations, schools, and youth athletic leagues. Not only do we raise and donate money, we also donate our time with various organizations in our community. It is our hope that our charitable giving will help the community we live and work in, but also will inspire others to do the same.

We have donated more than $10,000 to date, to the following organizations, schools, and charities:

  • Fairfield National Little League teams
  • Fairfield Little League Girls Softball teams
  • Wakeman Boys and Girls Club
  • Sand Jam movie sponsor- Fairfield Parks and Recreation Department
  • North Stratfield PTA
  • Jennings Elementary School PTA
  • Osborn Hill Elementary School PTA
  • Riverfield Elementary School PTA
  • Burr Elementary School PTA
  • Tomlinson Middle School PTA
  • Weston High School theater department
  • Fairfield High School Hockey Team
  • Fairfield Foundation for Education
  • Donnelly 5K Run
  • Fairfield Public Library