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Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

Nothing is more attractive than a smile with perfectly aligned, sparkling teeth. Improving your appearance can boost your self-esteem, and that is certainly a valid reason for wanting to fix your teeth. Teeth that are misaligned may lead to problems that not only affect your dental health but also your general well being.

Oral Hygiene
When you have straight teeth, they are easier to clean. In contrast, crooked crowded teeth provide hiding places for food debris, which can increase your chances for accumulating bacteria and plaque. As this bacteria builds up, it hardens into plaque and eventually tarter. The opposite is also true. Having too much space between teeth can also result in larger pieces of food getting lodged between teeth. This means cavities and gum disease are more likely to happen.

Physical And Psychological Benefits
Having straight teeth gives you the ability to chew and speak with ease. When your teeth are not straight, it increases the chances of chipping a tooth. Straight teeth cause less stress on the bones that support your mouth.

The most important psychological reason to have your teeth straightened is to feel good about your smile. Both kids and adults, who are shy about smiling, laughing or having their picture taken, will feel more relaxed knowing that their teeth look straight and even.

Personal Appearance
It may seem shallow to think that people might judge you based on the straightness of your teeth, but it is pretty common. If you ask most people whether they find straight teeth appealing, they will admit they do. You can benefit from more self confidence when your teeth look their best. When you get your teeth straightened to properly align your bite, you cut down on the amount of stress your teeth and bones experience. You will be able to walk around with a smile you are proud of.

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