What Are The Health Advantage Of Straight Teeth?

Close up African American woman pointing finger at healthy smileThere is more appealing than a smile, with shiny, perfectly white teeth. Improving your appearance can improve your self-esteem, and that is definitely a good reason to want your teeth fixed. Misaligned teeth can cause problems that affect not only your dental health but your general well-being as well.

Oral Hygiene
They are easier to clean, if you have straight teeth. In comparison, crooked crowded teeth provide hiding places for food debris which can increase the chances of bacteria and plaque accumulation. It hardens into plaque as this bacteria builds up, and eventually tarters. And the reverse is real, too. Too much space between the teeth can also contribute to the lodging of larger pieces of food between the teeth. It means that cavities and gum disease are more likely to occur.

Physical And Psychological Benefits
Having your teeth straight gives you the ability to chew and talk easily. When your teeth aren’t straight, chances of chipping a tooth are increased. Straight teeth cause the bones that support your mouth to have less stress.

The most significant psychological explanation for straightening your teeth is feeling confident about your smile. Both children and adults who are shy about smiling, laughing or photographing will feel more relaxed knowing that their teeth look straight and even.

Personal Appearance
Thinking that people would judge you on the basis of your teeth’s straightness may seem superficial but it’s pretty normal. If you ask most people if they find straight teeth sexy, they’ll say they do. If your teeth look their best you will gain from greater self-confidence. You cut down on the amount of stress your teeth and bones experience when you get your teeth straightened to align properly with your bite. You’ll be able to walk around with a smile of which you’re proud.

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