The Importance Of Keeping Your Braces Clean

Woman smiling cleaning teeth with bracesMaintaining careful oral hygiene is important during any procedure with orthodontics. Maintaining proper oral hygiene during therapy is an necessary aspect of wearing braces but for many patients it is a challenge. It is important to take a little more time on your braces while you are brushing your teeth. Remember, your teeth are still to floss. At first it will take a bit longer but keeping the area between your teeth clean will make sure your teeth get straighter faster. If you have a removable orthodontic device such as retainers or Invisalign then you can use a toothbrush to brush your appliance. Plaque has to be cleaned completely from your teeth so it’s much more necessary to remove plaque when you have braces. The brackets and wires inside your mouth build plaque spaces to cover. If plaque is not cleaned from your teeth and around your braces properly and regularly, you run the risk of developing gum disease, tooth loss, enamel scarring and poor breath.

Use a soft bristled tooth brush (manual or electric). Make sure you brush above and below the arch wires and at the gum line. Try and brush after every meal.

Use threaders or super floss at least once a day.

Mouth Rinse
Use a fluoride mouth rinse daily to help prevent cavities.

Dental check ups
Be sure to visit your dentist once every six months, or more so if the orthodontist advises. Your dentist and hygienist should not only guarantee that your lips and teeth are healthy but will also insure that all the caps, tubes and wires are safe and that they function successfully. We will also answer any questions you have about brushes, floss, other oral grooming aids and advice on brace cleaning in any part of your mouth you find difficult to touch.

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