Basic False Impression About Dental Orthodontics

Smiling mouth with tongue and bracesOver the past several decades, orthodontic care has changed tremendously. People today have more freedom and selection than ever before. People who thought they were out of reach with a straight teeth and a good smile were surprised to learn that they too can smile with confidence and that orthodontics can be a wise investment for the future.

Basic False Impression About Dental Orthodontics includes:

Orthodontic Treatment Requires Traditional Braces
Our office has a variety of treatment options to help patients achieve their goals, which include Invisalign. Each option is evaluated and recommended based on the patient’s individual needs and desires.

• Orthodontic Treatment Are Only For Kids
Over one million Americans over 18 years old currently have braces. In fact, there are more options than ever for adults to get orthodontic treatment with clear braces, or Invisalign. Adults can benefit from braces, including increased confidence to smile, and enhancing the ability to floss and maintain better overall oral health.

• Orthodontic Treatment Takes Several Years
The average treatment time for most patients is 18 months. In some cases, it can be as little as nine months. Treatment can take longer depending on treatment. Recent innovations in orthodontics can accelerate tooth movement, and decrease treatment time, and minimize discomfort.

• You Need All Of Your Adult Teeth To Have Braces
Having your child evaluated by an orthodontist early can save time, expense, and possible extraction of permanent teeth. Early intervention, called “Phase I” treatment, is designed for young children who will benefit from early treatment.

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Braces are the best way to align your teeth so you can be proud to show smile. If you have crooked teeth, the only way to restore your smile is to have orthodontic treatment. We use modern treatments to reduce brace-related pain and stigma. To address your orthodontic needs, schedule an appointment today. Remember to call 203-292-6644.

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