When Will You Know That You Need Teeth Extracted?

Tooth extraction conceptIn patients with severe crowding of the teeth, tooth extraction may be necessary before a patient can get braces to realign the smile. Extraction may also be recommended as part of correcting a malocclusion, to address protruding teeth or to remove impacted teeth.

Teeth must be removed in order to straighten remaining teeth in a mouth that is overcrowded. If there is simply not enough room to move the teeth into alignment, extraction will be recommended.

Bite Correction
In order to correct a slight or moderate over or underbite, teeth may be able to be removed in order to move teeth to compensate for the problem. When the alternative is jaw surgery, oftentimes a tooth extraction is the preferred way to go.

Impacted Teeth
A patient who has impacted teeth may need to have existing teeth removed in order for the impacted teeth to be brought down into place correctly. Following the extraction, the formerly impacted tooth can have a bracket applied and be aligned along with the rest of the teeth.

Protruding Teeth
When front teeth are pushing out into the lips, surrounding teeth can be removed to slide the front teeth back into place. This correction not only helps to straighten teeth, but also to fix the look of a protruding lip.

Who Extracts The Teeth?
If you need to correct such an issue, your orthodontist may refer you to an oral surgeon to be evaluated for extraction, especially when the tooth is impacted or other complicating factors are present that make a simple extraction unlikely.

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