Time To Get Your Child Braces

Every child’s teeth and bite develop at their own rate. There are, however, common
signs that can signal the need for braces. Your child’s dentist will be on the lookout
for these symptoms, but it does not hurt to know when time for an orthodontist’s

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that every child visit an
orthodontist by age seven for evaluation. This precautionary measure is intended to
discover any dental problems your child may be developing and that can be treated
before reaching adolescence. Treatment for certain issues during childhood may
even eliminate the need for traditional metal braces or clear braces in the future.
The following symptoms could signal that your son or daughter will eventually need
orthodontic treatment:

Early or late loss of baby teeth – Baby teeth typically begin falling out around
age six and should all have fallen out by age 12 or 13.

Mouth breathing – You may notice this most when your child is concentrating
on a project or television show or while they are sleeping.

Sucking the thumb or fingers – This self-soothing act for infants, if carried on
too long in young children, can ultimately lead to dental problems.

Crowded or misplaced teeth – Often, simple growth is not enough to combat a
mouth crowded full of teeth.

Shifting jaws that make sounds, protrude, or are recessed – Your child may
complain of headaches.

Speech difficulty – Your child has a lisp or difficulty pronouncing words or

Grinding or clenching of teeth – You can probably hear your child grinding
their teeth during awake and sleeping hours. Your child may also complain of

Protruding teeth, biting the cheek, difficulty chewing or biting, teeth that meet in an
abnormal way or not at all, and the inability to comfortably close the lips are all
symptoms that should be further examined by an orthodontist.

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