Tips for Eating with Braces

Getting accustomed to eating with braces can be a bit annoying. When you begin your orthodontic treatment, you may start to notice your teeth do not touch the way they did before, which can change the way you chew. Throughout your treatment, your teeth may shift and you will need to adapt to chewing and biting in a slightly different way but do not worry, eating will not be a challenge for long. In about 2 to 3 weeks of their braces being put on, most patients find their rhythm, and can chew comfortably and properly.

Foods You Can Eat With Braces:
• Dairy – pudding, soft cheese, milk-based drinks.
• Breads – pancakes, tortillas, muffins without nuts.
• Grains – soft cooked rice, pasta.
• Meats/poultry – meatballs, lunch meats and soft cooked chicken.
• Seafood – crab cakes, tuna, salmon.
• Vegetables – beans, steamed spinach, mashed potatoes.
• Fruits – bananas, sliced fruit, applesauce, most berries (but watch out for seeds).
• Treats – ice cream without nuts, milkshakes, cake.

Foods That Are Off Limits With Braces:
• Ice – A thousand times no! It will ruin your braces.
• Hard Pretzels – Bend wires, loosen bands, break brackets.
• Caramel – Sticky goo which pulls off brackets and feeds the bacteria in your mouth.
• Hard rolls and Bagels – Bend wires and break brackets.
• Beef jerky – Tough as nails.
• Hard candy – You might forget and bite.
• Nuts – No nuts of any kind.
• Ribs – Knock off brackets.
• Pens and pencils – Favorite exam time snack, break everything.
• Popcorn – Hulls get caught between gums and band.
• Apples – You can eat them, just cut them up first. Sorry, no caramel apples!
• Corn on the cob – You will be finding it in your teeth for weeks. If you cut it off the cob first, that is ok!

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