A Healthy and Beautiful Smile at Any Age with Modern Orthodontics

smileIt is never too late to straighten your smile. Orthodontic treatment has been mostly associated with children and teenagers, but thanks to new technologies and innovations, a healthy, beautiful smile is attainable at any age.

Early interceptive Orthodontic treatment at ages as young as six or seven is needed when patients have severe crowding (to prevent future extraction of perfectly healthy adult teeth) or to stop a bad thumb or finger sucking habit. In some cases a severe underbite or overbite will also necessitate early orthodontic treatment.

Many adults, who did not have the financial ability as a child or teenager, now want to have a beautiful smile. Fortunately, most adults can now have that picture perfect smile without braces! Invisalign, a series of removable clear aligners, will move both adult and teen teeth effectively and predictably based on a computer-generated model of the teeth moving in stages. Each stage of movement is a new set of aligners. No metal mouth and best of all less pain and typically treatment is completed sooner than with traditional braces.

Besides having a beautiful smile, straight teeth are easier to keep clean which greatly enhances the overall health of your gums and teeth. Studies done in both medicine and dentistry have shown a link to cardiovascular disease and periodontal (gum) disease. So straight teeth that are easy to floss and brush with also improve your heart health.

If you are curious how we will improve your smile as an adult, do not hesitate to contact our office. We look forward to answering all of your questions and taking the first step toward helping you achieve the smile you have always wanted! Call us today at 203-292-6644 to schedule a consultation.