Can You Get Braces If You Have Missing Teeth?

missing-teethOrthodontic treatment can help patients who are missing teeth and improve the health of their teeth and gums. Braces are recommended for patients with overcrowded or misaligned teeth. For patients who have experienced tooth loss, the missing teeth may actually be what is causing their alignment problems due to the surrounding teeth shifting locations.

If a tooth is missing, the surrounding teeth may cave in or shift out of their proper place and into the empty space. This can cause periodontal, esthetic and even functional problems for the patient. Orthodontic treatment can correct or prevent this from happening. Braces will provide proper alignment, which will allow your dentist to replace the missing teeth in the future, if you choose to do so.

If a patient is missing teeth, orthodontists have a couple of options when working around this problem. In some cases, it may be possible to use braces to simply close the gap created by the missing tooth. This may be an excellent choice for patients who are already dealing with overcrowding.

If the missing tooth needs to be replaced, braces may be applied in such a way to leave room for a restoration in the future. If the space is not wide enough for a restoration, braces can be used to widen the space so there is plenty of room for the addition of an implant. If there is already plenty of space available for a dental restoration, braces can be used to hold that area open so surrounding teeth do not shift into the open space.

If you are missing a tooth and have concerns about the alignment of your teeth, consider scheduling a consultation today. We can work with you to create an orthodontic treatment plan that will take into consideration your missing tooth and any other dental issues you may be experiencing. Call us today at 203-292-6644.