Adjusting to Life After Braces

bracesAfter years of treatment, having your braces removed is a rewarding experience for both orthodontist and patient. It was a journey that transformed your smile, while also improving your overall dental health. Here are some tips for getting used to your smile after braces so you can make the adjustment successfully.

Weird Feeling In Mouth
Do not be surprised if your mouth feels incredibly strange after braces. In particular, you will probably notice a difference when you move your lips because they are no longer gliding over your braces. Try moving your lips around so your muscles will start to remember what your smile actually feels like.

Sensitive Teeth
Your teeth might feel a little sensitive after getting your braces off. This is due to your enamel being exposed to the external environment after being covered by brackets for so long. Treat your teeth with care to avoid twinges.

With braces on, most of us talk funny until we adjust. The same applies for when we have braces taken off, we talk funny until our lips and tongue adjust to having no braces in the mouth. This process varies for everyone, but most people are sounding like themselves again after about one week.

Brushing And Flossing
It is much easier to brush and floss. Keeping your teeth clean is much easier without a wire and brackets. With fewer obstacles, getting your mouth clean is much easier. Especially as your mouth is getting used to not having the metal in it anymore and as you start incorporating certain foods back into your diet, it is important to be diligent about brushing and flossing thoroughly.

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