Top Three Reasons to Use Invisalign

invisalignCrooked or misaligned teeth not only look unsightly, they can also make cleaning the teeth difficult. Teeth that cannot be properly cleaned can eventually contract periodontal disease. This risks gum and bone damage, as well as tooth loss.

Wearing teeth braces is a way to properly align the teeth. However, conventional braces are less than attractive, decidedly uncomfortable and can be painful to wear. Adults can be especially embarrassed to wear them. Invisalign clear braces are a great alternative. Here are three reasons why one might wish to choose Invisalign over conventional metal braces:

Cosmetics is a major factor as to why people choose to wear Invisalign. Many adults would like to straighten their teeth, but are concerned about the noticeable appearance of conventional metal brackets and wires. Invisalign’s plastic aligners are thin, clear, and designed to fit discreetly over your teeth, so your friends, family, and colleagues do not have to know you are wearing braces.

The smooth, plastic custom aligners cause less pain and discomfort than metal wires and brackets. Metal braces put a lot of pressure on teeth, gums, and the jaw. Once the person gets used to wearing the aligners, they are usually painless. Choosing Invisalign also means fewer trips to the dentist. Traditionally, with metal braces, it is a trip to the dentist every four to six weeks. With Invisalign, it is the patient who can change their aligners every two weeks or so.

Oral Health
With Invisalign, patients can remove their aligners for thorough brushing and flossing, which is not possible with traditional braces. Traditional braces are notorious for trapping food. Invisalign aligners are removed before eating, eliminating this dental hygiene problem.

With Invisalign, patients are able to keep their teeth cleaner than many brace wearers can, reducing the oral bacteria and plaque that can cause cavities, mouth sores, bad breath, and tooth loss.

How Do I Get Invisalign Today?
Selecting Invisalign to straighten your teeth is an important decision. For more information contact our office today at 203-292-6644.

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