Common Issues With Braces: How to avoid Bad Breath

bad-breathUnfortunately, bad breath is one of the most common consequences of braces. It is caused by natural bacteria that forms inside of the mouth. This bacteria that is also the cause of gum disease and cavities, feeds on food particles in different areas of the mouth. During the feeding process, the bacteria generates the odors that lead to bad breath.

When individuals wear braces, they are likely to collect food debris that then turns into bacteria and causes bad breath. The good news is that people with braces can prevent bad breath by implementing the following habits into their lifestyles.

Brush Often
Brush your teeth and tongue first thing in the morning, after each meal and snack, and before you go to bed to remove particles and bacteria that cause bad breath.

Stay Hydrated
Drinking water helps remove food particles in the mouth. In addition, the hydration helps prevent dry mouth, which can exacerbate issues with bad breath.

Floss Daily
Many individuals with braces either forget to or choose not to floss. Although flossing may be tricky with braces, it is absolutely essential. Since braces make it easy for food particles and bacteria to collect in many areas of the mouth, flossing is one the best ways to combat this issue. Flossing minimizes the plaque, tartar buildup, and bacteria that all prompt bad breath.

Eat Healthy Foods
Fried foods, foods that are full of sugar, and sugary drinks should be avoided as much as possible. These unhealthy foods can trigger bad breath. Fresh vegetables and fruits as well as grains and proteins that are loaded with vitamins and minerals should be consumed more often because they can fight bacteria and strengthen the teeth.

Use Mouthwash
Using an anti-microbial or anti-bacterial mouthwash can help patients struggling with bad breath. Patients can swish with mouthwash for approximately 30 seconds.

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